Monday, March 14, 2011

Day 60-67

March 1st - Who needs a post-it note?
Who needs a post-it note when you have a lint roller.
Trinton cracks me up!  This was his reminder to 
call the welding supply store about the helmet he ordered.

March 2nd - My package arrived!

The package for my house party arrived.

March 3rd -HE ROLLED OVER!

He finally rolled over, however it was the only time LOL

March 4th - Home sick
I stayed home sick.  At least I got to spend the day with my boy!

March 5th - Look at those guns

Its Popeye! The cutest Popeye on earth!

March 6th - Testing out grandma and grandpas new carpet
My parents finished one of the rooms in their house.  
We had to go check out the new carpet and the new room.  Very nice!

March 7th - Happy 32nd Birthday to me!
Thanks Trinty for the pretty flowers

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Day 52-59

I'm so behind, and I need to catch up, so here it goes.  I'll work on it the next couple of days.

February 21st - Chris being silly

This was a rare moment.  My sisters son Chris
is rarely silly, infact, he is the most serious kid I have ever met.
I love these few moments where he actually acts like a kid.
February 22nd - Work out

Izzac doing his crunches during The Biggest Loser

February 23rd - yum yum

I usually wont have time to make banana bread until
Trint gets home from school, so I'm usually up until 12am
waiting for it to finish.  Its worth it!

February 24th - BLAH

Acid reflux STINKS!

February 25th - Happy Birthday us!

Celebrating mine and Lacey's b-day a bit early.
Lacey and the girls made a homemade pinata.

February 26th - Happy Birthday part 2

We celebrated mine and B's b-day.  B's gifts were
much more exciting.  He got one of those
motorized jeeps, very cool.

February 27th - Peek-a-boo

Izzac is always putting stuff on his head.
He even pulls his socks off and puts them on his head.
Silly baby!

February 28th - I'm in my dark place

he's even cute when he's grumpy!
Trinton had to stay home with Mr. sicky!

More pictures to come tomorrow!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

days 45-51

February 14th - My Valentine
 Izzac got a baby smart phone for valentines day.  He loves it!

Februrary 15th - Poor Reese
This is Reese.  She's kind of my cat, but she lives at 
my parents house.  She used to have two little friends
Windsday and Moldy.  About two weeks ago, we had a 
VERY cold night, and we haven't seen Windsday or
Moldy since (SAD!).  Reese is very lonely. Poor kitty!!! 


Februrary 16th - My personal Hell
 I'm pretty good at not eating refined sugar and white flour,
however, sometimes there is somethings that tempts me. 
Like these...Don't worry, I didn't give in.

February 17th -The Luck of the Irish
I love this hat!!! I want to buy it for St. Patrick's day.
Do you think its worth it?

February 18th -My Baby is 7 months old!
I can't believe how fast time is going.
He's getting so big!

February 19th - Circo Aereo at Weber State
My sister called me at the last minute to go with her
to Circo Aereo at Weber State.  It was really cool!
Here's a link to the youtube video.
 February 20th - B feeding Izzac
I walked in my parents front room to find this.  B feeding Izzac
some treats.  B is such a good big cousin! He is so cute with
all the babies.  I can't believe he's going to be 3 this week.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Days 34-44

I can't believe I'm 12 days behind.  SHESH!!!  Whats up with that??!

February 3rd - Peek-a-boo
Izzac LOVEs peek-a-boo.  He's constantly covering his face with his blankets.
Sorry this picture is blurry, but its hard to catch this guy in action :)

February 4th - Scrapbooking

I went scrapbooking overnight with my friend.  It was my first night 
away from Izzac.  Kind of hard, but it was fun scrapbooking my own baby!
Can you believe I didn't take any pictures??  WEIRD

February 5th - Jimmy Johns
 I love Jimmy Johns!  Have you had an unwich?  AMAZING!

February 6th - Superbowl Sunday
 Trinton is not a sports fan, but he was a good 
Son In Law and watched it all with my Dad.  
Even Izzac watched a bit of it.

February 7th - What was he thinking?
I've never watched the Bachelor, NEVER.  But I got bored 
and kind of wanted to know what all the girls at work 
were talking about.  I watched it, and I must say, I can't wait 
to see what happens this week.  I also need to say, what was
he thinking when he kept Michelle???  She's a nutter!

February 8th - Something I'd LOVE to go to
Anyone want to sponsor me? :)

February 9th - The Trash
Don't you just love the sound of a trash emptying on a mac?
Sometimes I make trash just so I can empty it :)

February 10th - Happy Birthday
 Happy Birthday to my cute cubical mate, Sarah
She turned a whopping 23.  Young wooper-snapper!
She's a great cube-mate and a fun girl to spend my days with!
I'm glad to know her.

February 11th - The G2
We upgraded our phones. We've finally moved 
into the 21st century and got smartphones.

February 12th - Double Date
We went on a double date with our friends
Jamie and Brady.  Bowling, Goodwood, and Harry Potter.
Good Times.

 February 13th - Sunshine!
 Wasn't this weekend beautiful?!  It's good to see the sun again
and not have to have the heat on all day.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Oh, the contest

Remember this?
Right, we had a contest running and then the dr told me I needed to lose a couple ounces so the contest is now being announced.

So, here's how I did it - I numbered the comments 1-4 and then the followers in the order they showed up on my screen 5-15 (I took out me and Misty, that would be a little "odd" if one of us won).

Just to be fair, I took a picture of the # chosen by and also a picture of my list - with the * next to the winner's name.


the winner is....


leave us a comment and we'll get you the gift code to

Post surgery

I do have a good excuse for not updating - last Thursday I got my gall bladder taken out.
It's also my excuse for not getting all the pics, I was pretty out of it for a few days and the 2 days before I worked until 7pm to get everything ready.
OK, enough of the sob are the pics I have

Weds, Jan 26 - Day before surgery

Look how clean I can make my desk

Thurs, Jan 27 - Day of surgery

I look like Jason with my glasses and white socks (used for the compression thing they put on my legs)

Thurs, Feb 3 - Valentines from around the world

I stole this idea from Jenna's teacher last year and my kids love it this year. We ask everyone we know to send Valentines to our class and we graph and map where they came from.

Fri, Feb 4 - Art

On Fridays, if we get everything done (mostly tests), we get to do a fun art activity. They are currently drying, but if this is any clue, they had fun getting their hands in paint.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Day 30 -33

January 30 - Beatles Rock Band
Ohhhh yeahhhh!!!

January 31 - 6 month shots :(
So not cool.  They nearly had Mommy and Daddy in tears too.
But at least we all got to spend the day together!

February 1 - MEEEP
Thank you Daddy for teaching Izzac how to "honk" everyone's nose LOL

February 2 - Our favorite toy
To look at them, they are just eggs.  When we got them I thought...
REALLY, that's it?  But seriously babies LOVE these!!!